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This dialog sets up the string literals options:

Generate names

        If this option is set, IDA will give meaningful names to
        newly created string literals.
Names prefix
        This prefix will be used to form the string name.
Mark as autogenerated
        If a name is marked as autogenerated, it will be
        displayed in a different color and will be included in the
        list of names depending on the current setting.
Generate serial names
        IDA can generate serial names for string literals, i.e.
                pref_001,pref_002,pref_003 etc...
        To enable serial names generation, specify
        prefix for names,starting serial number and number of leading zeroes.
        Each time you create a string literal, IDA generates
        a new serial name and assigns it to the string.
String literal next line char
        This symbol, when encountered in the string, will make
        IDA start a new line in the string representation in the
        disassembly. Usually it is the line feed character ('\n').
Comment string literal references:
        This option tells IDA to display the contents of the string
        literal next to the instruction or offset that refers to the string.
See also Options submenu.
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