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ignore_micro_t Struct Reference

Inherited by procmod_t.

Ignore micro

netnode to keep information about various kinds of instructions

netnode ignore_micro
void init_ignore_micro (void)
void term_ignore_micro (void)
char get_ignore_micro (ea_t ea) const
void set_ignore_micro (ea_t ea, uchar im_type)
void clr_ignore_micro (ea_t ea)
ea_t next_marked_insn (ea_t ea)
void mark_prolog_insn (ea_t ea)
void mark_epilog_insn (ea_t ea)
void mark_switch_insn (ea_t ea)
bool is_prolog_insn (ea_t ea) const
bool is_epilog_insn (ea_t ea) const
bool is_switch_insn (ea_t ea) const
bool should_ignore_micro (ea_t ea) const

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