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memory_deserializer_t Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 memory_deserializer_t (const qstring &s)
 memory_deserializer_t (const bytevec_t &b)
 memory_deserializer_t (const uchar *p, const uchar *e)
 memory_deserializer_t (const void *p, size_t s)
bool empty () const
size_t size () const
bool advance (size_t s)
uint8 unpack_db ()
uint16 unpack_dw ()
uint32 unpack_dd ()
uint64 unpack_dq ()
ea_t unpack_ea ()
ea64_t unpack_ea64 ()
const char * unpack_str ()
bool unpack_str (qstring *out)
char * unpack_ds (bool empty_null=false)
bool unpack_ds_to_buf (char *buf, size_t bufsize)
const void * unpack_obj_inplace (size_t objsize)
const void * unpack_buf_inplace ()
const void * unpack_obj (void *obj, size_t objsize)
const void * unpack_buf ()
void unpack_eavec (eavec_t *vec, ea_t ea)
bool unpack_bytevec (bytevec_t *out)
template<SCALAR_TYPE(1) >
void unpack (T *out)
template<SCALAR_TYPE(2) >
void unpack (T *out)
template<SCALAR_TYPE(4) >
void unpack (T *out)
template<SCALAR_TYPE(8) >
void unpack (T *out)
void unpack (qstring *out)
template<class T >
void unpack (qvector< T > *out)
ssize_t read (void *obj, size_t objsize)
bool eof () const

Public Attributes

const ucharptr
const ucharend

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