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Previously we’ve seen how to do small edits to types directly from the pseudocode view. While this is enough for minor edits, sometimes you still need to use the full editor.

Of course, it is always possible to open Structures, Enums, or Local Types and look for your type there, but what if you have thousands of them? Fortunately, there are quicker options:

  • If the current variable has a type defined in Local Types, you can use “Jump to local type…” from the context menu
  • If the cursor is on a structure field, you can use “Jump to structure definition..” (or Z) to open the structure and jump directly to the field in question.

Once you’re in either view, you can perform the necessary changes to the type before switching back to the decompiler.

NB: to avoid slowdowns, the decompiler does not track changes performed outside of the pseudocode view, so you may need to press F5 to refresh it with new changes.

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