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Many of IDA’s windows have status bars and they contain useful information and functionality which may not be always obvious.

Main window status bar

The status bar at the bottom of IDA’s main window contains:

  1. Autoanalysis progress indicator. See IDA Help: Analysis options for possible values you may see there.
  2. Search direction indicator for “Next search” commands (Ctrl+Letter);
  3. Free disk space

It also has a context menu offering quick access to analysis and processor-specific options (if supported by current processor module).

Disassembly view status bar

Each disassembly (IDA View) windows has a separate status bar too. In the text mode it contains:

  1. offset in the input file (for addresses which can be mapped directly to the input file);
  2. address on the current cursor position 
  3. symbolic location (if available). for locations inside functions, a function name and offset from its start is printed;
  4. synchronization status.

Same status bar style is also used for Hex View and Pseudocode windows.

In the Graph mode, additional graph-related information is displayed (zoom level, mouse position etc.).

Chooser (list view) status bar

List views’ status bars by default display the current index and total number of items in the list

However, when using incremental search (type the first letters of the item to jump to the matching item), the typed letters replace it.