Igor’s Tip of the Week #147: Fixing “stack frame is too big”

The Hex-Rays decompiler has been designed to decompile compiler-generated code, so while it can usually handle hand-written or unusual assembly, occasionally you may run into a failure, especially if the code has been modified to hinder decompilation. Here is one of such errors: If you have a genuine function with a huge stack frame, you’ll probably […]

Hands-Free Binary Deobfuscation with gooMBA

The gooMBA plugin, as well as this blog post, was written by our intern Garrett Gu. You can view the plugin source on GitHub. gooMBA is maintained by Hex-Rays, and will be incorporated in the next IDA release. Hands-Free Binary Deobfuscation with gooMBA At Hex-Rays SA, we are constantly looking for ways to improve […]