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graph_chains_t Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for graph_chains_t:

Public Member Functions

int for_all_chains (chain_visitor_t &cv, int gca_flags)
 Visit all chains. More...
bool is_locked () const
 Are the chains locked? It is a good idea to lock the chains before using them. More...
void acquire ()
 Lock the chains. More...
void release ()
 Unlock the chains. More...
void swap (graph_chains_t &r)

Detailed Description


Definition at line 3429 of file hexrays.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~graph_chains_t()

graph_chains_t::~graph_chains_t ( )

Definition at line 3433 of file hexrays.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ acquire()

void graph_chains_t::acquire ( )

Lock the chains.

Definition at line 3453 of file hexrays.hpp.

◆ for_all_chains()

int graph_chains_t::for_all_chains ( chain_visitor_t cv,
int  gca_flags 

Visit all chains.

cvchain visitor
gca_flagscombination of GCA_ bits

Definition at line 10885 of file hexrays.hpp.

◆ is_locked()

bool graph_chains_t::is_locked ( ) const

Are the chains locked? It is a good idea to lock the chains before using them.

This ensures that they won't be recalculated and reallocated during the use. See the chain_keeper_t class for that.

Definition at line 3451 of file hexrays.hpp.

◆ release()

void graph_chains_t::release ( )

Unlock the chains.

Definition at line 10891 of file hexrays.hpp.

◆ swap()

void graph_chains_t::swap ( graph_chains_t r)

Definition at line 3456 of file hexrays.hpp.