Licensing Information


The IDA license doesn't expire: once it has been granted, provided the license is not revoked for non-payment, piracy or other licensing breaches, the software is yours to use for as long as you see fit. Your ability to get support and updates is limited in time and must eventually be renewed through support plans/upgrades. Your initial IDA license comes with a year of support and upgrades.

The End User Agreement for IDA can be found here.

Floating Licenses

A floating license can be installed on as many computers in your company as you want. The only limitation is the number of concurrent users: it should not exceed the number of purchased seats. To ensure this, floating licenses use a license manager. You or your admin will have to download and install it. Floating licenses are convenient for tracking the license use and more flexible than computer licenses.

Computer Licenses

Licensed to a specific machine, as many local users as one wants, provided only one of them uses the software at any given time.

Named Licenses

Licensed to a specific individual. Assigned to single user, at most three computers by that single user: his laptop, and two desktop computers. The software can run max on one of these three computers at a time.

Educational Licenses

Licensed to a university. Educational licenses are free of charge but come without technical support. For more information please read this page.

Named Computer Floating Educational
Available to individuals Yes No No No
Available to companies No9 Yes Yes No
Available to universities No9 Yes Yes Yes
Single license can be used by many different users No 1 Yes 2 Yes 3 Yes
Single license can be installed on more than one machine Yes 4 No Yes 5 No
Tied to a specific end user Yes 1 No 10 No 10 No
Several copies can be run simultaneously Yes 6 Yes 6 Yes 6 Yes 6
Requires network connection No No Yes 7 No
Locked to hardware No No No 8 No
Support period 1 year 1 year 1 year none
Requires a dongle No No No No
Expires Never Never Never Yes
  1. each named license is assigned to a specific user and can be used only by that user. Reassignment of the license to another user is usually possible during the support period (max twice per year)
  2. each computer license can be used by any user on the physical or virtual computer where it's installed
  3. each floating license allows one concurrent use of the software
  4. the user can install the software on his/her laptop and two desktop computers, provided that no other user uses the software on those computers.
  5. the software can be installed on as many computers as required (in the same company)
  6. multiple copies can be run only on one computer at a time
  7. to the license server; it is possible to borrow a license for offline work
  8. only license server is locked
  9. due to difficulties with the named license management we do not offer them to corporations
  10. computer and floating licenses are assigned an email, usually of a person who manages the licenses; updating the email address is possible during the support period (max twice per year)