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Secondary assembler feature bits

Used by asm_t::flag2. More...


#define AS2_BRACE   0x00000001
 Use braces for all expressions.
#define AS2_STRINV   0x00000002
 Invert meaning of idainfo::wide_high_byte_first for text strings (for processors with bytes bigger than 8 bits)
#define AS2_BYTE1CHAR   0x00000004
 One symbol per processor byte. More...
#define AS2_IDEALDSCR   0x00000008
 Description of struc/union is in the 'reverse' form (keyword before name), the same as in borland tasm ideal.
#define AS2_TERSESTR   0x00000010
 'terse' structure initialization form; NAME<fld,fld,...> is supported
#define AS2_COLONSUF   0x00000020
 addresses may have ":xx" suffix; this suffix must be ignored when extracting the address under the cursor
#define AS2_YWORD   0x00000040
 a_yword field is present and valid
#define AS2_ZWORD   0x00000080
 a_zword field is present and valid

Detailed Description

Used by asm_t::flag2.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define AS2_BYTE1CHAR   0x00000004

One symbol per processor byte.

Meaningful only for wide byte processors