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Call chart building flags

Detailed Description

Passed as flags parameter to gen_complex_call_chart()


#define CHART_NOLIBFUNCS   0x0400
 don't include library functions in the graph
#define CHART_REFERENCING   0x0001
 references to the addresses in the list
#define CHART_REFERENCED   0x0002
 references from the addresses in the list
#define CHART_RECURSIVE   0x0004
 analyze added blocks
 analyze references to added blocks only in the direction of the reference who discovered the current block
#define CHART_IGNORE_XTRN   0x0010
#define CHART_IGNORE_DATA_BSS   0x0020
#define CHART_IGNORE_LIB_TO   0x0040
 ignore references to library functions
#define CHART_IGNORE_LIB_FROM   0x0080
 ignore references from library functions
#define CHART_PRINT_COMMENTS   0x0100
#define CHART_PRINT_DOTS   0x0200
 print dots if xrefs exist outside of the range recursion depth