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Flow chart flags

Detailed Description

Passed as 'flags' parameter to qflow_chart_t.


#define FC_PRINT   0x0001
 print names (used only by display_flow_chart())
#define FC_NOEXT   0x0002
 do not compute external blocks. More...
#define FC_RESERVED   0x0004
#define FC_APPND   0x0008
 multirange flowchart (set by append_to_flowchart)
#define FC_CHKBREAK   0x0010
 build_qflow_chart() may be aborted by user
#define FC_CALL_ENDS   0x0020
 call instructions terminate basic blocks
#define FC_NOPREDS   0x0040
 do not compute predecessor lists

Macro Definition Documentation


#define FC_NOEXT   0x0002

do not compute external blocks.

Use this to prevent jumps leaving the function from appearing in the flow chart. Unless specified, the targets of those outgoing jumps will be present in the flow chart under the form of one-instruction blocks