State-of-the-art binary code analysis tools
Functions: examine operand flags (arbitrary operand)

Detailed Description

For the following functions, 'n' may be:

  • 0 : first operand
  • 1 : second operand
  • OPND_ALL : both operands - function returns 1 if the first OR the second operand satisfies the condition


idaman bool ida_export is_defarg (flags_t F, int n)
 is defined?
idaman bool ida_export is_off (flags_t F, int n)
 is offset?
idaman bool ida_export is_char (flags_t F, int n)
 is character constant?
idaman bool ida_export is_seg (flags_t F, int n)
 is segment?
idaman bool ida_export is_enum (flags_t F, int n)
 is enum?
idaman bool ida_export is_manual (flags_t F, int n)
 is forced operand? (use is_forced_operand())
idaman bool ida_export is_stroff (flags_t F, int n)
 is struct offset?
idaman bool ida_export is_stkvar (flags_t F, int n)
 is stack variable?
idaman bool ida_export is_fltnum (flags_t F, int n)
 is floating point number?
idaman bool ida_export is_custfmt (flags_t F, int n)
 is custom data format?
idaman bool ida_export is_numop (flags_t F, int n)
 is number (bin, oct, dec, hex)?
idaman bool ida_export is_suspop (ea_t ea, flags_t F, int n)
 is suspicious operand?