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Processor additional feature bits

Used by processor_t::flag2. More...


#define PR2_MAPPINGS   0x000001
 the processor module uses memory mapping
#define PR2_IDP_OPTS   0x000002
 the module has processor-specific configuration options
#define PR2_REALCVT   0x000004
 the module has a custom 'ev_realcvt' implementation (otherwise IEEE-754 format is assumed)
#define PR2_CODE16_BIT   0x000008
 low bit of code addresses has special meaning e.g. More...
#define PR2_MACRO   0x000010
 processor supports macro instructions
#define PR2_USE_CALCREL   0x000020
 (Lumina) the module supports calcrel info
#define PR2_REL_BITS   0x000040
 (Lumina) calcrel info has bits granularity, not bytes - construction flag only
#define PR2_FORCE_16BIT   0x000080
 use 16-bit basic types despite of 32-bit segments (used by c166)

Detailed Description

Used by processor_t::flag2.

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#define PR2_CODE16_BIT   0x000008

low bit of code addresses has special meaning e.g.

ARM Thumb, MIPS16