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Detailed Description

Work with debugger trace buffer.

IDA memorizes various types of trace events in a circular buffer: instruction tracing, function call and return, breakpoint access ...


bool idaapi set_trace_size (int size)
 Specify the new size of the circular buffer. More...
void idaapi clear_trace (void)
 Clear all events in the trace buffer. More...
void idaapi request_clear_trace (void)
 Post a clear_trace() request.

Function Documentation

◆ set_trace_size()

bool idaapi set_trace_size ( int  size)

Specify the new size of the circular buffer.

TypeSynchronous function
Notificationnone (synchronous function)
sizeif 0, buffer isn't circular and events are never removed. If the new size is smaller than the existing number of trace events, a corresponding number of trace events are removed.
If you specify 0, all available memory can be quickly used !!!

◆ clear_trace()

void idaapi clear_trace ( void  )

Clear all events in the trace buffer.

TypeSynchronous function - available as request
Notificationnone (synchronous function)