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Derived type: pointer


const type_t BT_PTR = 0x0A
 pointer. More...
const type_t BTMT_DEFPTR = 0x00
 default for model
const type_t BTMT_NEAR = 0x10
const type_t BTMT_FAR = 0x20
const type_t BTMT_CLOSURE = 0x30
 closure. More...

Detailed Description

Pointers to undeclared yet BT_COMPLEX types are prohibited

Variable Documentation


const type_t BT_PTR = 0x0A


has the following format: [db sizeof(ptr)]; [tah-typeattrs]; type_t...


const type_t BTMT_CLOSURE = 0x30


  • if ptr to BT_FUNC - __closure. in this case next byte MUST be RESERVED_BYTE, and after it BT_FUNC
  • else the next byte contains sizeof(ptr) allowed values are 1 - ph.max_ptr_size
  • if value is bigger than ph.max_ptr_size, based_ptr_name_and_size() is called to find out the typeinfo