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A rectangle in a graph view. More...

#include <graph.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 rect_t (int l, int t, int r, int b)
 rect_t (const point_t &p0, const point_t &p1)
int width (void) const
int height (void) const
void move_to (const point_t &p)
void move_by (const point_t &p)
point_t center (void) const
point_t topleft (void) const
point_t bottomright (void) const
void grow (int delta)
void intersect (const rect_t &r)
void make_union (const rect_t &r)
bool empty (void) const
bool is_intersection_empty (const rect_t &r) const
bool contains (const point_t &p) const
int area (void) const
bool idaapi operator== (const rect_t &r) const
bool idaapi operator!= (const rect_t &r) const
bool idaapi operator< (const rect_t &r) const

Public Attributes

int left = 0
int top = 0
int right = 0
int bottom = 0

Detailed Description

A rectangle in a graph view.

Please note that a correct rectangle has left < right and top < bottom. NB: top less than bottom, which means that the vertical axis grows to the bottom, a bigger value means verically lower.

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