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 Action    name: OpenStrings
This command opens the string window.

The string window contains all strings in the program. However, if a range of addresses was selected before opening the window, only the selected range will be examined for strings.

You can setup the list parameters by right-clicking (or pressing Ctrl-U in the text version) on the list.

The list always contains strings defined in the program regardless of the settings in this dialog box, but the user can ask IDA to display strings not yet explicitly defined as strings.

The following parameters are available:

Display only defined strings

        If checked, IDA will display only strings explicitly marked
        as string items (using the create string literal command).
        In this case, the other checkboxes are ignored.
Ignore instructions/data definitions
        If checked, IDA will ignore instruction/data definitions
        and will try to treat them as strings. If it can build a string
        with the length greater than the minimal length, the string
        will be displayed in the list.
        This setting is ignored if 'only defined strings' is on.
Strict ASCII (7-bit) strings
        If checked, only strings containing exclusively 7-bit characters
        (8th bit must be zero) will be added to the list. Please note that
        the user can specify which characters are accepted in the strings
        by modifying the StrlitChars parameter in the ida.cfg file.
        This setting is ignored if 'only defined strings' is on.
Allowed string types
        Allows the user to specify the string types included in the list.
        This setting is ignored if 'only defined strings' is on.
Minimal string length
        The minimal length the string must have to be added to the list.

See also View|Open subviews submenu.
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