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 Action    name: OpenStackVariables
This command opens the stack variables window for the current function.

The stack variables are internally represented as a structure. This structure consists of two parts: local variables and function arguments.

You can modify stack variable definitions here: add/delete/define stack variables, enter comments for them.

There may be two special fields in this window: " r" and " s". They represent the size of the function return address and of the saved registers in bytes. You cannot modify them directly. To change them, use edit function command.

Offsets at the line prefixes represent offsets from the frame pointer register (BP). The window indicator at the lower left corner of the window displays offsets from the stack pointer.

In order to create or delete a stack variable, use data definitions commands (data, strlit, array, undefine, Rename). Also you may define regular or repeatable comments.

The defined stack variables may be used in the program by converting operands to stack variables.

Esc closes this window.

See also

         Edit|Functions submenu.
         Convert to stack variable
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