Negated structure offsets

A month ago I received a support request: If I have an instruction like mov eax, [edi-0ch] and I know that that’s really the sum of an offset to a structure not at edi and the offset of a member within that structure, how do I get IDA to display it as such without using […]

Very simple custom viewer

As promised, here is the plugin which demonstrates how to create a very simple custom viewer in IDA Pro. When run, it displays this text on the screen:

Dynamic coloring

IDA v5.1 introduces the notion of dynamic colors. Plugins can install a callback which dynamically calculates colors and provides them to the user interface. In the previous versions of IDA plugins were forced to change the item color in the database thus overwriting any user-defined colors. The new IDA makes it possible to calculate colors on the fly.

On batch analysis

Ever tried to run many instances of IDA simultaneously? I mean, not only one or two, but much more, tens of them at the same time? Not everyone needs it but sometimes a whole directory must be analyzed. Imagine you have created a plugin which finds something interesting in binaries…

Adding cross references

Did you know that you can add your own cross-references to the listing? There are even several different methods for that: Open xrefs window and press Ins Write an IDC script Write a plugin Adding xrefs is very useful if IDA missed some of them and the graph looks ugly. Another benefit is replicated comments. See a […]

Does 'return' come back?

We all know that call invokes a function and ret returns to the caller. Alas, nothing is certain in the binary world. The ret instruction is quite often used for short jumps within a function. Among many other improvements in IDA v5.1 there will be a special logic to recognize and mark such pseudo-returns. I […]

Loop colorizer

Sometimes I need to know if the current instruction sequence belongs to a loop or not. If it does, I’d like to know the loop boundaries. It would be nice to have the current loop highlighted. If the highlight changes as I navigate in the listing, it would be just great.

Simplex method in IDA Pro

In May a contest was open on Datarescue’s forum: There were some nice tries but nobody guessed it right. It seems Datarescue will have to repeat the contest with another question 🙂 If you are curious to learn the correct answer, please read on.