Python 3.9 support for IDA 7.5

Python 3.9 has been released fairly recently and it was a bit too short notice for us to ensure it works with IDA 7.5 Service Pack 3 (if you have tried it, you may have had a bad time.) We have now added support for Python 3.9 in IDAPython. Here’s how you can get it to […]

IDA Pro 7.5 SP3 released

Hex-Rays announces the release of Service Pack 3 (SP3) for IDA Pro 7.5. It is glad to announce the release of the Service Pack 3 today. The release introduces a handful of new and interesting features specific to the soon-to-be-released macOS 11 (Big Sur) and provides fixes for numerous errors in IDA. We improved: macOS11 kernel debugging with […]

Igor’s tip of the week #01: Lesser-known keyboard shortcuts in IDA

Today, Hex-Rays is excited to launch a special blog series where Igor, one of the experts behind IDA, will provide useful tips and functionalities of IDA that are not always known or less obvious to its users. The first episode of this blog series covers the most useful keyboard shortcuts that will certainly speed up your IDA experience. So, we […]

IDA Pro 7.5 SP2 released

Hex-Rays announces the release of Service Pack 2 (SP2) for IDA Pro 7.5. SP2 was introduced due to the major changes in Apple’s new versions of iOS and MacOS and their move to Apple Silicon. Hex-Rays team works constantly to improve the IDA experience and acts to ensure that IDA addresses its users’ feedback and properly […]

Updates to iOS Debugger Tutorial

We have updated our iOS Debugging Tutorial. It has some new sections that should be of particular interest: “Debugging the DYLD Shared Cache” discusses how to combine IDA’s incremental dyldcache loading functionality with the iOS Debugger. “Debugging System Applications” is a concrete example of how to use IDA to debug an iOS system daemon on a jailbroken […]

IDA Pro 7.5 SP1 released

Hex-Rays announces the release of Service Pack 1 (SP1) for IDA Pro 7.5. We recently launched IDA Pro v7.5 and IDA Home, Hex-Rays’ latest, affordable professional-grade solution tailored for reverse engineering hobbyists. We are glad to announce today the release of IDA 7.5 SP1. This service pack contains enhancements and fixes to the 7.5 version, partly […]

IDA 7.5: Qt 5.6.3 configure options & patch

A handful of our users have already requested information regarding the Qt 5.6.3 build, that is shipped with IDA 7.5. Configure options Here are the options that were used to build the libraries on: Windows: …\5.6.3\configure.bat “-nomake” “tests” “-qtnamespace” “QT” “-confirm-license” “-accessibility” “-opensource” “-force-debug-info” “-platform” “win32-msvc2015” “-opengl” “desktop” “-prefix” “C:/Qt/5.6.3-x64” Note that you will have to build with Visual […]

IDA Pro 7.5 released

Hex-Rays announces the release of IDA Pro 7.5! IDA Pro is certainly the fastest and most reliable software solution to support professionals in their reverse-engineering work. Version 7.5 has been developed to improve the IDA experience further. It notably introduces the following features: Tree folder structure: you can now organize your work in a hierarchical tree […]

Introducing IDA Home

Hex-Rays announces the release of IDA Home. It is not often that we release a brand new product, so pardon our excitement. We used all the experience gained throughout […]