Hex-rays is moving to a Subscription model !

Hex-Rays is moving to a subscription model   In 2022, we will update the catalogue of products available under our subscription model. Our new bundles are HEX-RAYS Base, HEX-RAYS Core and HEX-RAYS Ultra. Those, in addition to our existing products IDA Pro Standalone and IDA Home will be available under the new subscription model only. IDA Home cloud-based x64, […]

IDA Training Sessions – December 2021

IDA is the Swiss army knife of reverse-engineering and has countless applications that can’t be summarized with a catchy one-liner. Security experts, malware analysts, and software engineers use IDA daily to solve a critical problem in their workflow. Improving your knowledge of IDA through one of our training sessions can help you to unlock the […]

Igor’s tip of the week: Season 01

For over a year now, our colleague Igor has been disseminating his deep knowledge of IDA & decompilers through “Igor’s tip of the week” blog posts. Those have received critical acclaim, and we’ve received a lot of very positive feedback during that time. This motivated us to find a way to improve the accessibility […]

New IDA Training session: Registration is now open!

A second 2021 IDA training session will take place online on 13-17 and 20-22 September 2021, EDT time. The session is devised to help professional reverse engineers master IDA Pro, the top notch software disassembly tool and take their reversing skills to the next level. Provided by the experts behind IDA, the training offers its […]

IDA: celebrating 30 years of binary analysis innovation

Today, IDA turns thirty years old. In commemoration of the anniversary we’ll describe the beginnings and major milestones of the epic journey. Background In the early 1990’s, DOS was the most popular OS for PCs which were majorly 8086 with occasional 80286 (80386 was still very expensive). Typical PC had at most 1MB of RAM leaving little […]

Announcing version 7.6 for IDA Freeware!

Hex-Rays is excited to announce that IDA Freeware has been upgraded to the latest IDA version (7.6), and now includes a cloud-based decompiler! IDA Freeware is the free version of IDA Pro, introduced to provide individual users¹ with an opportunity to see IDA in action, supporting disassembly of x86 and x64 binaries. It is […]

Hello world from the new Hex-Rays!

Today, Hex-Rays announces its new corporate identity as part of IDA’s 30th anniversary celebration. This new look reflects a key milestone of Hex-Rays team in its journey to relentlessly evolve and move forward. After three decades of hard work to develop and improve the best-of-breed binary analysis tools which brought our flagship product – IDA Pro […]

IDA 7.6 Service Pack 1 released

Today, Hex-Rays announces the release of Service Pack 1 (SP1) for IDA 7.6. We are glad to announce the release of IDA 7.6 Service Pack 1 today! This Service Pack is primarily a bug fix release for a few errors that might affect some users. How to request the new versions As usual, the new versions are free […]

IDA 7.6: empty QTreeView/QTreeWidget

A rather nasty issue evaded our testing and found its way into IDA 7.6: using the PyQt5 modules that are shipped with IDA, QTreeView (or QTreeWidget) instances will always fail to display contents. E.g., the following script from PyQt5 import QtWidgets tree = QtWidgets.QTreeWidget() item = QtWidgets.QTreeWidgetItem() item.setText(0, “Test col#0”) tree.addTopLevelItem(item) tree.show() used to render like so: but now looks like this: The fix In order to solve this, […]

IDA 7.6: Qt 5.6.3 configure options & patch

A handful of our users have already requested information regarding the Qt 5.6.3 build, that is shipped with IDA 7.6. Configure options Here are the options that were used to build the libraries on: Windows: …\5.6.3\configure.bat “-nomake” “tests” “-qtnamespace” “QT” “-confirm-license” “-accessibility” “-opensource” “-force-debug-info” “-platform” “win32-msvc2015” “-opengl” “desktop” “-prefix” “C:/Qt/5.6.3-x64” Note that you will have to build with Visual […]