IDA 8.2 Service Pack 1 released

Service Pack 1 (SP1) for IDA 8.2 is now available. This is primarily a bugfix release. How to request the new versions All new versions are free for users with an active support plan. Please use the “Help > Check for free update” menu item in IDA. It is also possible to configure automatic checks of new […]

IDA 8.2: Qt 5.15.2 sources & build scripts

A handful of our users have already requested information regarding the Qt 5.15.2 build, that is shipped with IDA 8.2. The Qt sources used by IDA are: based on Qt 5.15.2, to which the KDE Qt5 patch collection has been added, plus a few custom patches/fixes Rebuilding Qt from source In order to obtain compatible libs, the simplest way forward […]

The Hex-Rays plugin repository

We are delighted to announce the Hex-Rays plugin repository! As you know, plugins have always played a substantial role in IDA due to their ability to enrich its functionality. Most of these extensions are created by the users and resolve all sorts of practical cases. Until now, for the lack of a centralized “index”, finding […]

IDA 8.2 released

We are excited to announce the release of IDA version 8.2! In this release, there are many new features and enhancements for IDA Pro, IDA Teams, and IDA Home, including: 32-bit support in IDA64 Processor modules improvements Swift picture_search plugin UI candy and more… See full updates here: How to request the new versions As usual, the new versions of IDA Pro and […]

The IDA patfind plugin

The IDA patfind plugin Just raw binary data at address 0x00000AC While IDA excels at extracting useful information from all sorts of binary files, it may happen that some unstructured binary files (e.g., firmwares, raw memory dumps, …) throw it off the rails, and the user needs to kickstart autoanalysis by figuring out some sort of […]

Halloween challenge

The Hex-Rays Halloween Challenge It is almost Halloween, and this year we have decided to celebrate it with a challenge! Solve the challenge correctly, and if you’re quick enough to be within the first five, you will get an exclusive Halloween-themed IDA T-shirt. Before we continue, we would like to make you aware of some essential rules: This […]

A consortium of investors acquires Hex-Rays

Hex-Rays has been acquired by a consortium of investors led by Smartfin, a leading European venture capital and private equity investor, and including co-investors SFPIM and SRIW. Ilfak Guilfanov, the founder of Hex-Rays, also reinvests a substantial amount in the new structure. Over the past 10 years, Hex-Rays’ revenues have […]

IDA 8.1 released

Hex-Rays team is thrilled to announce the release of IDA version 8.1! As with every release, IDA Pro and IDA Home gained many new features and enhancements, including: Private Lumina server New icons Golang regabi support Sunsetting IDA for 32-bit binaries (IDA32) and more See full updates here: How to request the new versions As usual, the new versions of IDA Pro […]

Hex-Rays launches a Beta Program!

In the past, we have worked with various beta testers that helped us shape our products by trying out our pre-release versions. Today, we are launching our Beta Program initiative with the idea of building a community of enthusiasts who would regularly take an active part in the evolution […]