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IDA is the Swiss army knife of reverse-engineering and has countless applications that can’t be summarized with a catchy one-liner. Security experts, malware analysts, and software engineers use IDA daily to solve a critical problem in their workflow. Improving your knowledge of IDA through one of our training sessions can help you to unlock the full potential of IDA.

Here are some examples of IDA’s capabilities:

  • Digital Forensics: analyzing binary code is an art and attending our training will enrich your set of tools/methods.
  • Penetration Testing: Software developers regularly attack their own software for the purpose of hardening security, becoming an expert in IDA will help to improve effectiveness.
  • Intellectual Property: For software IP, the task of finding and proving violations represents a challenge. Learn how to use IDA as a foundation to develop an automatic system to tackle this.
  • Dynamic Analysis and Debugging: IDA Pro can debug applications on all major desktop platforms, mobile platforms and emulators.
  • Interoperability: To deal with exotic file formats, IDA Pro can be easily extended with custom-crafted “loaders” and make the data available from within the user Interface.
  • Software Assessment: IDA supports all major architectures used in desktop, mobile, and embedded devices. It can be used to disassemble binaries with or without debug info. In our training sessions we take you through the ins and outs of the disassembly process.
  • And many more…  Check out our solutions page to read more and explore various case studies on real world IDA usages!

We run training courses for beginner to expert IDA users. We have designed these sessions with our users in mind, think Igor’s tip of the week but as a training session. Learn the various tips and tricks while getting firsthand experience with guidance from IDA experts to ensure you have all the tools necessary to make the most of IDA in your organization and beyond.
Our next training sessions are scheduled for December; find out more


Have a look at what past attendees have said about their training experience:

I feel that the training was well worth the money, and I plan on taking it again any chance I get.

I have used IDA compiler more than 4 years. However, lots of detail hide in devil, and this course helped me know more about reversing and design principal of IDA Pro.

That this training should be mandatory before using IDA to use all capabilities and enhance/improve performance during analysis

Great job for first time online course. I have benefited from not traveling and saving money.

Great training! Thank you for providing videos!

I am looking forward to improving enough to be able to move on to your advanced course.

It gives you deep understanding for internal mechanism how IDA process files and to interacting them

I was very pleased with the course. The instructor and the material are very good. I liked the way that the instructor taught by doing. He came across humble, honest and knowledgeable.

Both instructors were really awesome. Hope to see more of this stuff in the future. Thank you for this time.