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For over a year now, our colleague Igor has been disseminating his deep knowledge of IDA & decompilers through “Igor’s tip of the week” blog posts. Those have received critical acclaim, and we’ve received a lot of very positive feedback during that time. This motivated us to find a way to improve the accessibility to this resource.

Today, Igor is taking a well-deserved holiday, so we took that opportunity to compile a first “season” of his precious tips (52 of them!), categorized by high-level topics.

  • Usage: basic and advanced usage of IDA features
  • Navigation: moving around the database
  • Types: working with types
  • Hidden: hidden gems, not widely known but useful functionality
  • Decompiler: related to the Hex-Rays decompiler
  • Automation: automating repetitive tasks
  • Customization: customizing IDA UI to better suit your workflow


We’re sure this valuable resource (now available online and offline) will be very useful to many!

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