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In August 2020, we started blog series called “Igor’s tip of the week.” These blog posts aim to help you better work with IDA & Decompilers. Over the years, his pieces of advice have become very popular, and our natural response was to make them even more accessible and easy to read. That’s how we came up with Igor’s tip of the week – Season 1 , which had 52 of his valuable hints.

We are pleased that our colleague Igor continued his sterling job, and Season 2 is now a fact! You can expect more of his knowledgeable tips, categorized under six main topics:

  • Usage: basic and advanced usage of IDA features
  • Types: working with types
  • Hidden: hidden gems, not widely known but useful functionality
  • Decompiler: related to the Hex-Rays decompiler
  • Automation: automating repetitive tasks
  • Customization: customizing IDA UI to better suit your workflow.

Have you missed Season 1? Read it now

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