State-of-the-art binary code analysis tools

Public Member Functions

 valrng_t (int size_=MAX_VLR_SIZE)
 valrng_t (const valrng_t &r)
valrng_toperator= (const valrng_t &r)
void swap (valrng_t &r)
void set_none (void)
void set_all (void)
void set_unk (void)
void set_eq (uvlr_t v)
void set_cmp (cmpop_t cmp, uvlr_t _value)
bool reduce_size (int new_size)
bool intersect_with (const valrng_t &r)
bool unite_with (const valrng_t &r)
void inverse ()
bool empty (void) const
bool all_values (void) const
bool is_unknown (void) const
bool has (uvlr_t v) const
void print (qstring *vout) const
const char * dstr (void) const
bool cvt_to_single_value (uvlr_t *v) const
bool cvt_to_cmp (cmpop_t *cmp, uvlr_t *val, bool strict) const
int get_size () const
uvlr_t max_value () const
uvlr_t min_svalue () const
uvlr_t max_svalue () const

Static Public Member Functions

static uvlr_t max_value (int size_)
static uvlr_t min_svalue (int size_)
static uvlr_t max_svalue (int size_)

Protected Member Functions

void clear (void)
void copy (const valrng_t &r)
valrng_tassign (const valrng_t &r)

Protected Attributes

int flags
int size
union {
   struct {
      uvlr_t   value
      uvlr_t   limit
      svlr_t   stride
   struct {
      uvlr_t   zeroes
      uvlr_t   ones
   char   reserved [sizeof(qvector< int >)]

Detailed Description

hexrays_sample15.cpp, and hexrays_sample18.cpp.

Definition at line 330 of file hexrays.hpp.