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cancellable_graph_t Class Reference

Inherits gdl_graph_t.

Inherited by qflow_chart_t.

Public Attributes

bool cancelled
char padding [3]

Public Member Functions

bool idaapi check_cancel (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from gdl_graph_t
virtual char *idaapi get_node_label (char *iobuf, int iobufsize, int n) const
virtual void idaapi print_graph_attributes (FILE *fp) const
virtual bool idaapi print_node (FILE *fp, int n) const
virtual bool idaapi print_edge (FILE *fp, int i, int j) const
virtual void idaapi print_node_attributes (FILE *fp, int n) const
virtual int idaapi size (void) const =0
virtual int idaapi node_qty (void) const
virtual bool idaapi exists (int node) const
virtual int idaapi entry (void) const
virtual int idaapi exit (void) const
virtual int idaapi nsucc (int node) const =0
virtual int idaapi npred (int node) const =0
virtual int idaapi succ (int node, int i) const =0
virtual int idaapi pred (int node, int i) const =0
virtual bool idaapi empty (void) const
virtual bgcolor_t idaapi get_node_color (int n) const
virtual bgcolor_t idaapi get_edge_color (int i, int j) const
void idaapi gen_gdl (FILE *fp) const
void idaapi gen_gdl (const char *file) const
size_t idaapi nedge (int node, bool ispred) const
int idaapi edge (int node, int i, bool ispred) const
int idaapi front (void)
node_iterator idaapi begin (void) const
node_iterator idaapi end (void) const
bool idaapi path_exists (int m, int n) const
void idaapi gen_dot (FILE *fp) const
void idaapi gen_dot (const char *file) const

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