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Describes a member of an assembly level structure. More...

#include <struct.hpp>

Public Member Functions

bool unimem (void) const
 Is a member of a union?
bool has_union (void) const
 Has members of type "union"?
bool by_til (void) const
 Was the member created due to the type system?
bool has_ti (void) const
 Has type information?
bool is_baseclass (void) const
 Is a base class member?
bool is_dupname (void) const
 Duplicate name was resolved during import?
bool is_destructor (void) const
 Is a virtual destructor?
ea_t get_soff (void) const
 Get start offset (for unions - returns 0)
asize_t get_size () const
 Get member size.

Public Attributes

tid_t id
 name(), cmt, rptcmt
ea_t soff
 start offset (for unions - number of the member 0..n)
ea_t eoff
 end offset
flags_t flag
 type+representation bits
uint32 props
 Struct member properties

Detailed Description

Describes a member of an assembly level structure.

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