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Detailed Description

Describes a source file.

Inherits qrefcnt_obj_t.

Public Member Functions

virtual void idaapi release () override=0
 Call this function to free source_file_t.
virtual srcinfo_provider_t *idaapi get_provider (void) const =0
 Get source info provider. More...
virtual const char *idaapi get_path (qstring *errbuf)=0
 Get path to the source file (or a symbolic name). More...
virtual TWidget * open_srcview (strvec_t **strvec, TWidget **pview, int lnnum, int colnum)=0
 Open window with source code (optional function). More...
virtual bool idaapi read_file (strvec_t *buf, qstring *errbuf)=0
 Read entire file (colored lines). More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from qrefcnt_obj_t
 qrefcnt_obj_t (void)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from qrefcnt_obj_t
int refcnt

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_provider()

virtual srcinfo_provider_t* idaapi source_file_t::get_provider ( void  ) const
pure virtual

Get source info provider.

There is no need to free or release it after using

◆ get_path()

virtual const char* idaapi source_file_t::get_path ( qstring errbuf)
pure virtual

Get path to the source file (or a symbolic name).

[out]errbufpointer to buffer for the error message

◆ open_srcview()

virtual TWidget* source_file_t::open_srcview ( strvec_t **  strvec,
TWidget **  pview,
int  lnnum,
int  colnum 
pure virtual

Open window with source code (optional function).

[out]strvecpointer to source text. the text should not be destroyed until the form is closed
[out]pviewpointer to view that displays the source text (subview of TWidget)
lnnum,colnumcursor coordinates

◆ read_file()

virtual bool idaapi source_file_t::read_file ( strvec_t buf,
qstring errbuf 
pure virtual

Read entire file (colored lines).

[out]bufpointer to output buffer
[out]errbufpointer to buffer for the error message

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