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err.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Thread safe functions that deal with error codes.


idaman THREAD_SAFE void ida_export vqperror (const char *format, va_list va)
 Print error message to stderr (analog of perror)
idaman THREAD_SAFE const char *ida_export qstrerror (error_t _qerrno)
 Get error description string. More...
idaman THREAD_SAFE char *ida_export get_errdesc (const char *header, error_t _qerrno=-1)
 A convenience function to generate error messages (returns "header: error message")
idaman THREAD_SAFE char *ida_export winerr (int code)
 Get error message for MS Windows error codes.
idaman THREAD_SAFE int ida_export qerrcode (int new_code=-1)
 errno or GetLastError() depending on the system.
idaman const char *ida_export qerrstr (int code=-1)
 Get error string corresponding to qerrcode(). More...
THREAD_SAFE void qperror (const char *format,...)
 See vqperror()
THREAD_SAFE void set_errno (int code)
 See set_qerrno()

Function Documentation

◆ qstrerror()

idaman THREAD_SAFE const char* ida_export qstrerror ( error_t  _qerrno)

Get error description string.

if _qerrno=-1, get_qerrno() will be used

◆ qerrstr()

idaman const char* ida_export qerrstr ( int  code = -1)

Get error string corresponding to qerrcode().

if code == -1, then qerrcode() will be called.