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Appcall options

Detailed Description

Passed as 'options' parameter to debugger_t::appcall.


#define APPCALL_MANUAL   0x0001
 Only set up the appcall, do not run. More...
#define APPCALL_DEBEV   0x0002
 Return debug event information.
#define APPCALL_TIMEOUT   0x0004
 Appcall with timeout. More...
#define SET_APPCALL_TIMEOUT(msecs)   ((uint(msecs) << 16)|APPCALL_TIMEOUT)
 Set appcall timeout in milliseconds.
#define GET_APPCALL_TIMEOUT(options)   (uint(options) >> 16)
 Timeout value is contained in high 2 bytes of 'options' parameter.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define APPCALL_MANUAL   0x0001

Only set up the appcall, do not run.

debugger_t::cleanup_appcall will not be generated by ida!


#define APPCALL_TIMEOUT   0x0004

Appcall with timeout.

If timed out, errbuf will contain "timeout". See SET_APPCALL_TIMEOUT and GET_APPCALL_TIMEOUT