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Breakpoint property bits

Detailed Description

Used by bpt_t::flags.


#define BPT_BRK   0x001
 suspend execution upon hit
#define BPT_TRACE   0x002
 add trace information upon hit
#define BPT_UPDMEM   0x004
 refresh the memory layout and contents before evaluating bpt condition
#define BPT_ENABLED   0x008
#define BPT_LOWCND   0x010
 condition is calculated at low level (on the server side)
#define BPT_TRACEON   0x020
 enable tracing when the breakpoint is reached
#define BPT_TRACE_INSN   0x040
 instruction tracing
#define BPT_TRACE_FUNC   0x080
 function tracing
#define BPT_TRACE_BBLK   0x100
 basic block tracing
 trace insns, functions, and basic blocks. More...
#define BPT_ELANG_MASK   0xF0000000u
#define BPT_ELANG_SHIFT   28
 index of the extlang (scripting language) of the condition

Macro Definition Documentation



trace insns, functions, and basic blocks.

if any of BPT_TRACE_TYPES bits are set but BPT_TRACEON is clear, then turn off tracing for the specified trace types