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Detailed Description

Characteristics of a breakpoint.

Public Attributes

size_t cb
 size of this structure
qstring cndbody
 Condition as entered by the user.
bpt_location_t loc
pid_t pid
 breakpoint process id
thid_t tid
 breakpoint thread id
ea_t ea
 Address, if known. For BPLT_SRC, index into an internal data struct.
bpttype_t type
 Breakpoint type.
int pass_count
 Number of times the breakpoint is hit before stopping (default is 0: stop always)
uint32 flags
 Breakpoint property bits
uint32 props
 Internal breakpoint properties
int size
 Size of the breakpoint (0 for software breakpoints)
int cndidx
 Internal number of the condition (<0-none)
inode_t bptid
 Internal breakpoint id.

Public Member Functions

bool is_hwbpt (void) const
 Is hardware breakpoint?
bool enabled (void) const
 Is breakpoint enabled?
bool is_low_level (void) const
 Is bpt condition calculated at low level?
bool badbpt (void) const
 Failed to write bpt to process memory?
bool listbpt (void) const
 Include in the bpt list?
bool is_compiled (void) const
 Condition has been compiled?
bool is_active (void) const
 Written completely to process?
bool is_partially_active (void) const
 Written partially to process?
bool is_inactive (void) const
 Not written to process at all?
bool is_page_bpt (void) const
 Page breakpoint?
int get_size (void) const
 Get bpt size.
void set_abs_bpt (ea_t a)
 Set bpt location to an absolute address.
void set_src_bpt (const char *fn, int lineno)
 Set bpt location to a source line.
void set_sym_bpt (const char *sym, uval_t o)
 Set bpt location to a symbol.
void set_rel_bpt (const char *mod, uval_t o)
 Set bpt location to a relative address.
bool is_absbpt (void) const
 Is absolute address breakpoint?
bool is_relbpt (void) const
 Is relative address breakpoint?
bool is_symbpt (void) const
 Is symbolic breakpoint?
bool is_srcbpt (void) const
 Is source level breakpoint?
bool is_tracemodebpt (void) const
 Does breakpoint trace anything?
bool is_traceonbpt (void) const
 Is this a tracing breakpoint, and is tracing enabled?
bool is_traceoffbpt (void) const
 Is this a tracing breakpoint, and is tracing disabled?
bool set_trace_action (bool enable, int trace_types)
 Configure tracing options.
size_t get_cnd_elang_idx () const
void set_cond (const char *cnd)
 Internal function.
bool eval_cond (ea_t ea, bool *fire, const char *bpt_type)
 Internal function.
Enable/Disable basic blocks tracing
TypeSynchronous function - available as request
Notificationnone (synchronous function)
const char * get_cnd_elang () const
 Get the scripting language name for the condition string.
bool set_cnd_elang (const char *name)
 Set the scripting language name for the condition string. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ set_cnd_elang()

bool bpt_t::set_cnd_elang ( const char *  name)

Set the scripting language name for the condition string.

false if too many languages were used

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