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bpt_location_t Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Describes a breakpoint location.

Public Attributes

ea_t info
int index
bpt_loctype_t loctype

Public Member Functions

bpt_loctype_t type (void) const
 Get bpt type.
bool is_empty_path (void) const
 No path/filename specified? (BPLT_REL, BPLT_SRC)
const char * path (void) const
 Get path/filename (BPLT_REL, BPLT_SRC)
const char * symbol (void) const
 Get symbol name (BPLT_SYM)
int lineno (void) const
 Get line number (BPLT_SRC)
uval_t offset (void) const
 Get offset (BPLT_REL, BPLT_SYM)
ea_t ea (void) const
 Get address (BPLT_ABS)
 bpt_location_t (void)
 Constructor (default type is BPLT_ABS)
void set_abs_bpt (ea_t a)
 Specify an absolute address location.
void set_src_bpt (const char *fn, int _lineno)
 Specify a source level location.
void set_sym_bpt (const char *_symbol, uval_t _offset=0)
 Specify a symbolic location.
void set_rel_bpt (const char *mod, uval_t _offset)
 Specify a relative address location.
int compare (const bpt_location_t &r) const
 Lexically compare two breakpoint locations. More...
bool operator== (const bpt_location_t &r) const
bool operator!= (const bpt_location_t &r) const
bool operator< (const bpt_location_t &r) const
bool operator> (const bpt_location_t &r) const
bool operator<= (const bpt_location_t &r) const
bool operator>= (const bpt_location_t &r) const
size_t print (qstring *buf) const
 Internal function.

Member Function Documentation

◆ compare()

int bpt_location_t::compare ( const bpt_location_t r) const

Lexically compare two breakpoint locations.

Bpt locations are first compared based on type (i.e. BPLT_ABS < BPLT_REL). BPLT_ABS locations are compared based on their ea values. For all other location types, locations are first compared based on their string (path/filename/symbol), then their offset/lineno.

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