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Functions: examine data bits


constexpr flags64_t idaapi code_flag (void)
constexpr flags64_t idaapi byte_flag (void)
 Get a flags64_t representing a byte.
constexpr flags64_t idaapi word_flag (void)
 Get a flags64_t representing a word.
constexpr flags64_t idaapi dword_flag (void)
 Get a flags64_t representing a double word.
constexpr flags64_t idaapi qword_flag (void)
 Get a flags64_t representing a quad word.
constexpr flags64_t idaapi oword_flag (void)
 Get a flags64_t representing a octaword.
constexpr flags64_t idaapi yword_flag (void)
 Get a flags64_t representing a ymm word.
constexpr flags64_t idaapi zword_flag (void)
 Get a flags64_t representing a zmm word.
constexpr flags64_t idaapi tbyte_flag (void)
 Get a flags64_t representing a tbyte.
constexpr flags64_t idaapi strlit_flag (void)
 Get a flags64_t representing a string literal.
constexpr flags64_t idaapi stru_flag (void)
 Get a flags64_t representing a struct.
constexpr flags64_t idaapi cust_flag (void)
 Get a flags64_t representing custom type data.
constexpr flags64_t idaapi align_flag (void)
 Get a flags64_t representing an alignment directive.
constexpr flags64_t idaapi float_flag (void)
 Get a flags64_t representing a float.
constexpr flags64_t idaapi double_flag (void)
 Get a flags64_t representing a double.
constexpr flags64_t idaapi packreal_flag (void)
 Get a flags64_t representing a packed decimal real.
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi is_byte (flags64_t F)
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi is_word (flags64_t F)
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi is_dword (flags64_t F)
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi is_qword (flags64_t F)
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi is_oword (flags64_t F)
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi is_yword (flags64_t F)
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi is_zword (flags64_t F)
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi is_tbyte (flags64_t F)
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi is_float (flags64_t F)
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi is_double (flags64_t F)
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi is_pack_real (flags64_t F)
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi is_strlit (flags64_t F)
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi is_struct (flags64_t F)
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi is_align (flags64_t F)
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi is_custom (flags64_t F)
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi f_is_byte (flags64_t F, void *)
 See is_byte()
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi f_is_word (flags64_t F, void *)
 See is_word()
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi f_is_dword (flags64_t F, void *)
 See is_dword()
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi f_is_qword (flags64_t F, void *)
 See is_qword()
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi f_is_oword (flags64_t F, void *)
 See is_oword()
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi f_is_yword (flags64_t F, void *)
 See is_yword()
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi f_is_tbyte (flags64_t F, void *)
 See is_tbyte()
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi f_is_float (flags64_t F, void *)
 See is_float()
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi f_is_double (flags64_t F, void *)
 See is_double()
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi f_is_pack_real (flags64_t F, void *)
 See is_pack_real()
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi f_is_strlit (flags64_t F, void *)
 See is_strlit()
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi f_is_struct (flags64_t F, void *)
 See is_struct()
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi f_is_align (flags64_t F, void *)
 See is_align()
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi f_is_custom (flags64_t F, void *)
 See is_custom()
THREAD_SAFE bool idaapi is_same_data_type (flags64_t F1, flags64_t F2)
 Do the given flags specify the same data type?
idaman flags64_t ida_export get_flags_by_size (size_t size)
 Get flags from size (in bytes). More...

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Function Documentation

◆ get_flags_by_size()

idaman flags64_t ida_export get_flags_by_size ( size_t  size)

Get flags from size (in bytes).

Supported sizes: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32. For other sizes returns 0