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Segment classes and types

See Segment types. More...


idaman ssize_t ida_export get_segm_class (qstring *buf, const segment_t *s)
 Get segment class. More...
idaman int ida_export set_segm_class (segment_t *s, const char *sclass, int flags=0)
 Set segment class. More...
idaman uchar ida_export segtype (ea_t ea)
 Get segment type. More...

Detailed Description

See Segment types.

Function Documentation

◆ get_segm_class()

idaman ssize_t ida_export get_segm_class ( qstring buf,
const segment_t s 

Get segment class.

Segment class is arbitrary text (max 8 characters).

bufoutput buffer. cannot be nullptr.
spointer to segment
size of segment class (-1 if s==nullptr or bufsize<=0)

◆ set_segm_class()

idaman int ida_export set_segm_class ( segment_t s,
const char *  sclass,
int  flags = 0 

Set segment class.

spointer to segment (may be nullptr)
sclasssegment class (may be nullptr). If segment type is SEG_NORM and segment class is one of predefined names, then segment type is changed to:
flagsAdd segment flags
Return values
1ok, name is good and segment is renamed
0failure, name is nullptr or bad or segment is nullptr

◆ segtype()

idaman uchar ida_export segtype ( ea_t  ea)

Get segment type.

eaany linear address within the segment
Segment types, SEG_UNDF if no segment found at 'ea'