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debapp_attrs_t Struct Reference

Runtime attributes of the debugger/process. More...

#include <idd.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 debapp_attrs_t ()
 Constructor - initialize with #DEF_ADDRSIZE.

Public Attributes

int32 cbsize
 control field: size of this structure
int addrsize
 address size of the process. More...
qstring platform
 platform name process is running/debugging under. More...
int is_be

Detailed Description

Runtime attributes of the debugger/process.

It is guaranteed that these attributes are really valid after start/attach process

Member Data Documentation

◆ addrsize

int debapp_attrs_t::addrsize

address size of the process.

Since 64-bit debuggers usually can debug 32-bit applications, we cannot rely on sizeof(ea_t) to detect the current address size. The following variable should be used instead. It is initialized with 8 for 64-bit debuggers but they should adjust it as soon as they learn that a 32-bit application is being debugged. For 32-bit debuggers it is initialized with 4.

◆ platform

qstring debapp_attrs_t::platform

platform name process is running/debugging under.

(is used as a key value in exceptions.cfg)

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