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Detailed Description

This structure is used only when detailed information about a debug event is needed.

Public Attributes

pid_t pid
 Process where the event occurred.
thid_t tid
 Thread where the event occurred.
ea_t ea
 Address where the event occurred.
bool handled
 Is event handled by the debugger?. More...

Public Member Functions

 debug_event_t (const debug_event_t &r)
debug_event_toperator= (const debug_event_t &r)
debug_event_tcopy (const debug_event_t &r)
void clear (void)
 clear the dependent information (see below), set event code to NO_EVENT
void clear_all (void)
event_id_t eid () const
 Event code.
void set_eid (event_id_t id)
 Set event code. More...
modinfo_tmodinfo ()
 Information that depends on the event code: More...
int & exit_code ()
 THREAD_STARTED (thread name) LIB_UNLOADED (unloaded library name) INFORMATION (will be displayed in the output window if not empty)
qstringinfo ()
bptaddr_tbpt ()
excinfo_texc ()
const modinfo_tmodinfo () const
const int & exit_code () const
const qstringinfo () const
const bptaddr_tbpt () const
const excinfo_texc () const
modinfo_tset_modinfo (event_id_t id)
void set_exit_code (event_id_t id, int code)
qstringset_info (event_id_t id)
bptaddr_tset_bpt (void)
excinfo_tset_exception (void)
ea_t bpt_ea (void) const
 On some systems with special memory mappings the triggered ea might be different from the actual ea. More...


THREAD_SAFE void ida_export free_debug_event (debug_event_t *ev)
THREAD_SAFE void ida_export copy_debug_event (debug_event_t *ev, const debug_event_t &r)
THREAD_SAFE void ida_export set_debug_event_code (debug_event_t *ev, event_id_t id)

Member Function Documentation

◆ set_eid()

void debug_event_t::set_eid ( event_id_t  id)

Set event code.

If the new event code is compatible with the old one then the dependent information (see below) will be preserved. Otherwise the event will be cleared and the new event code will be set.

◆ modinfo()

modinfo_t & debug_event_t::modinfo ( )

Information that depends on the event code:


◆ bpt_ea()

ea_t debug_event_t::bpt_ea ( void  ) const

On some systems with special memory mappings the triggered ea might be different from the actual ea.

Calculate the address to use.

Member Data Documentation

◆ handled

bool debug_event_t::handled

Is event handled by the debugger?.

(from the system's point of view) Meaningful for EXCEPTION events

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