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Visual representation of a member of a complex type (struct/union/enum) More...

#include <typeinf.hpp>

Public Member Functions

void swap (value_repr_t &r)
void clear ()
bool empty () const
bool is_enum () const
bool is_offset () const
bool is_strlit () const
bool is_custom () const
bool is_stroff () const
bool is_typref () const
bool is_signed () const
bool has_tabform () const
bool has_lzeroes () const
uint64 get_vtype () const
void set_vtype (uint64 vt)
void set_signed (bool on)
void set_tabform (bool on)
void set_lzeroes (bool on)
void set_ap (const array_parameters_t &_ap)
void init_ap (array_parameters_t *_ap) const
bool from_opinfo (flags64_t flags, aflags_t afl, const opinfo_t *opinfo, const array_parameters_t *_ap)
size_t print (qstring *result, bool colored=false) const
bool parse_value_repr (const qstring &attr, type_t target_type=BTF_STRUCT)

Public Attributes

uint64 bits = 0
union {
   refinfo_t   ri
   int32   strtype
   struct {
      adiff_t   delta
      uint32   type_ordinal
   custom_data_type_info_t   cd
 Additional info.
array_parameters_t ap
 FRB_TABFORM, AP_SIGNED is ignored, use FRB_SIGNED instead.

Detailed Description

Visual representation of a member of a complex type (struct/union/enum)

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