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node_set_t Class Reference

Detailed Description

Set of graph nodes.

Inherits intset_t.

Public Member Functions

idaapi node_set_t (int node)
idaapi node_set_t (const gdl_graph_t *g)
bool idaapi add (int node)
void idaapi sub (int node)
void idaapi sub (const node_set_t &r)
void idaapi add (const node_set_t &r)
void idaapi intersect (const node_set_t &r)
void idaapi extract (intvec_t &out) const
int idaapi first (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from intset_t
size_t idaapi print (char *buf, size_t bufsize) const
const char *idaapi dstr (void) const
bool has (int value) const

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