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Public Member Functions

 fixup_data_t (fixup_type_t type_, uint32 flags_=0)
fixup_type_t get_type (void) const
 Fixup type Types of fixups.
void set_type (fixup_type_t type_)
void set_type_and_flags (fixup_type_t type_, uint32 flags_=0)
bool is_custom (void) const
uint32 get_flags () const
 Fixup flags Fixup flags.
bool is_extdef (void) const
void set_extdef (void)
void clr_extdef (void)
bool is_unused (void) const
void set_unused (void)
void clr_unused (void)
bool has_base (void) const
 Is fixup relative?
bool was_created (void) const
 Is fixup artificial?
ea_t get_base () const
 Get base of fixup. More...
void set_base (ea_t new_base)
 Set base of fixup. More...
void set_sel (const segment_t *seg)
void set_target_sel ()
 Set selector of fixup to the target. More...
void set (ea_t source) const
bool get (ea_t source)
const fixup_handler_tget_handler () const
const char * get_desc (qstring *buf, ea_t source) const
int calc_size () const
uval_t get_value (ea_t ea) const
bool patch_value (ea_t ea) const

Public Attributes

sel_t sel
 selector of the target segment. More...
ea_t off
 target offset More...
adiff_t displacement
 displacement (offset from the target)

Protected Attributes

fixup_type_t type
uint32 flags
uval_t base

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_base()

ea_t fixup_data_t::get_base ( ) const

Get base of fixup.

The target is calculated as `get_base() + off`.
See also

◆ set_base()

void fixup_data_t::set_base ( ea_t  new_base)

Set base of fixup.

The target should be set before a call of this function.

◆ set_target_sel()

void fixup_data_t::set_target_sel ( )

Set selector of fixup to the target.

The target should be set before a call of this function.

Member Data Documentation

◆ sel

sel_t fixup_data_t::sel

selector of the target segment.

BADSEL means an absolute (zero based) target.

See also

◆ off

ea_t fixup_data_t::off

target offset

The target is calculated as `get_base() + off`.

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