State-of-the-art binary code analysis tools

Detailed Description

Convenience functions offered by the user interface.


ea_t idaapi get_tev_ea (int n)
int idaapi get_tev_type (int n)
int idaapi get_tev_tid (int n)
bool idaapi get_module_info (ea_t ea, modinfo_t *modinfo)
void idaapi bring_debugger_to_front (void)
bool idaapi collect_stack_trace (thid_t tid, call_stack_t *trace)
const char *idaapi get_debugger_event_cond (void)
void idaapi set_debugger_event_cond (const char *NONNULL evcond)
bool idaapi load_debugger (const char *dbgname, bool use_remote)
void idaapi get_manual_regions (meminfo_vec_t *ranges)
void idaapi set_manual_regions (const meminfo_vec_t *ranges)
void idaapi edit_manual_regions ()
void idaapi enable_manual_regions (bool enable)
int idaapi hide_all_bpts (void)
int idaapi handle_debug_event (const debug_event_t *ev, int rqflags)
bool idaapi add_virt_module (const modinfo_t *mod)
bool idaapi del_virt_module (const ea_t base)
int idaapi internal_cleanup_appcall (thid_t tid)
int idaapi internal_get_sreg_base (ea_t *answer, thid_t tid, int sreg_value)
int idaapi internal_ioctl (int fn, const void *buf, size_t size, void **poutbuf, ssize_t *poutsize)
ssize_t idaapi read_dbg_memory (ea_t ea, void *buffer, size_t size)
ssize_t idaapi write_dbg_memory (ea_t ea, const void *buffer, size_t size)
int idaapi get_reg_vals (thid_t tid, int clsmask, regval_t *values)
int idaapi set_reg_val (thid_t tid, int regidx, const regval_t *value)
int idaapi get_dbg_memory_info (meminfo_vec_t *ranges)
void idaapi set_bpt_group (bpt_t &bpt, const char *grp_name)
bool idaapi set_bptloc_group (const bpt_location_t &bptloc, const char *grp_name)
bool idaapi get_bpt_group (qstring *grp_name, const bpt_location_t &bptloc)
size_t idaapi list_bptgrps (qstrvec_t *bptgrps)
bool idaapi rename_bptgrp (const char *old_name, const char *new_name)
bool idaapi del_bptgrp (const char *name)
ssize_t idaapi get_grp_bpts (bpt_vec_t *bpts, const char *grp_name)
srcinfo_provider_t *idaapi get_srcinfo_provider (const char *name)
bool idaapi get_global_var (srcinfo_provider_t *prov, ea_t ea, const char *name, source_item_ptr *out)
bool idaapi get_local_var (srcinfo_provider_t *prov, ea_t ea, const char *name, source_item_ptr *out)
bool idaapi get_local_vars (srcinfo_provider_t *prov, ea_t ea, source_items_t *out)
void idaapi add_path_mapping (const char *src, const char *dst)
bool idaapi get_current_source_file (qstring *out)
int idaapi get_current_source_line (void)
bool idaapi srcdbg_step_into (void)
bool idaapi srcdbg_request_step_into (void)
bool idaapi srcdbg_step_over (void)
bool idaapi srcdbg_request_step_over (void)
bool idaapi srcdbg_step_until_ret (void)
bool idaapi srcdbg_request_step_until_ret (void)
drc_t idaapi dbg_bin_search (ea_t *out, ea_t start_ea, ea_t end_ea, const compiled_binpat_vec_t &data, int srch_flags, qstring *errbuf)
const char * bpt_t::get_cnd_elang () const
 Get the scripting language name for the condition string.
bool bpt_t::set_cnd_elang (const char *name)
 Set the scripting language name for the condition string. More...

Function Documentation

◆ set_cnd_elang()

bool bpt_t::set_cnd_elang ( const char *  name)

Set the scripting language name for the condition string.

false if too many languages were used