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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 auto.hppFunctions that work with the autoanalyzer queue
 bitrange.hppDefinition of the bitrange_t class
 bytes.hppContains functions that deal with individual byte characteristics
 compress.hppData compression functions
 dbg.hppContains functions to control the debugging of a process
 dirtree.hppTypes involved in grouping of item into folders
 diskio.hppFile I/O functions for IDA
 entry.hppFunctions that deal with entry points
 enum.hppAssembly level enum management
 err.hThread safe functions that deal with error codes
 expr.hppFunctions that deal with C-like expressions and built-in IDC language
 fixup.hppFunctions that deal with fixup information
 fpro.hSystem independent counterparts of FILE* related functions from Clib
 frame.hppRoutines to manipulate function stack frames, stack variables, register variables and local labels
 funcs.hppRoutines for working with functions within the disassembled program
 gdl.hppLow level graph drawing operations
 graph.hppGraph view management
 ida.hppContains the ::inf structure definition and some functions common to the whole IDA project
 idd.hppContains definition of the interface to IDD modules
 idp.hppContains definition of the interface to IDP modules
 ieee.hIEEE floating point functions
 kernwin.hppDefines the interface between the kernel and the UI
 lex.hppTools for parsing C-like input
 lines.hppHigh level functions that deal with the generation of the disassembled text lines
 loader.hppDefinitions of IDP, LDR, PLUGIN module interfaces
 merge.hppMerge functionality
 mergemod.hppMerge functionality for modules
 nalt.hppDefinitions of various information kept in netnodes
 name.hppFunctions that deal with names
 netnode.hppFunctions that provide the lowest level public interface to the database. Namely, we use Btree. To learn more about BTree:
 offset.hppFunctions that deal with offsets
 pro.hThis is the first header included in the IDA project
 problems.hppFunctions that deal with the list of problems
 prodir.hUnified interface to qfindfirst(),qfindnext(),qfindclose() functions
 pronet.hNetwork related functions
 range.hppContains the definition of range_t
 registry.hppRegistry related functions
 search.hppMiddle-level search functions
 segment.hppFunctions that deal with segments
 segregs.hppFunctions that deal with the segment registers
 strlist.hppFunctions that deal with the string list
 struct.hppStructure type management (assembly level types)
 typeinf.hppDescribes the type information records in IDA
 ua.hppFunctions that deal with the disassembling of program instructions
 xref.hppFunctions that deal with cross-references